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Tennessee Public Records

How Does the State Government Keep Track of Tennessee Public Records?

Handling public records must be done the right way. It's vital that the sect of the government in charge of public records does their best to maintain them, because only accurate, easy to find records are of value to the people seeking to access them.

Tennessee public records are fairly well organized. They are collected by their own Records Management Division. The division is in charge of:

  • Choosing what records are and are not applicable to Tennessee public records law.
  • Providing Tennessee public records to those that request access to them.
  • Ensures records are distributed carefully and in a timely matter.
  • Tennessee public records must be accountable to the people. Since the purpose of the records is to show an open government - one that isn't hiding anything from the state that funds it - the division of the government that holds on to these records need to be as organized as possible. That is also why the Records Management Division does training, because unless the government employees that work in all facets of the state know exactly what is considered public record and what is not, there is no way to know that they will accurately log all of the documents they create.

    The Tennessee public records office is a crucial part of how the state operates. Thankfully, they appear to be doing their jobs successfully.

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