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Louisiana Public Records - The Most Transparent State

When it comes to public records, states are graded on their transparency. The more transparent the state, the higher the grade. It's more than simply a sign of how much they have complied with the Freedom of Information Act - it's also a sign of how much they want the public to trust them.

According to the Center for Public Integrity, Louisiana public records are the most transparent in the nation. They are one of only 3 states that have received an "A" grade for releasing their financial records, and one of the only states that has dedicated itself to the public.

All states collect and distribute public records, but Louisiana public records are some of the only records that also contain all of the government's financial information - a characteristic that is important for statewide government trust.

The willingness of the state to release their records should be acknowledged, as most of the surrounding states in that area have failed to disclose as much financial information as requested. Louisiana is also the only state of the 3 with an A grade that released its records while run by a Republican governor. Anyone that hopes to find public records of interest to them will no doubt found them in the Louisiana public records.

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