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5 Things Not Included in Michigan Public Records

When you need information that is collected by or created by the government of Michigan, you'll usually find that information within Michigan public records. That means that not only is government related information made public, but also personal and business information that is collected by the state. Thankfully, not everything is included within Michigan public records. Here are five examples of some of the data that will not be included:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Law Enforcement Investigations
  • Medical Records
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Computer Software Information
  • Also, any information that is considered to be an invasion of privacy of the state's residents is not included in Michigan public records. However, not everything is considered an invasion of privacy just because it is personal. For example, marriage records and divorce records may feel personal, but they are not considered personal enough to be excluded from the data. In addition, Michigan allows for adoption records to become a matter of public interest as well, while some other states have decided that information is too private.

    For those that are searching for people information, Michigan public records are a useful way to find it. For those that are trying to hide themselves from the public, you may find that more information about yourself than you expected is available.

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