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Wisconsin Public Records

Understanding Wisconsin Public Records Law

Every state is allowed to create their own laws regarding public records. Some states choose to have very relaxed policies. Wisconsin public records, for example, have no mandatory date that the government must release the records by. Some states are more rigid, requiring that all records be turned over within a specific timeframe, usually 2 to 10 days out. Any later, and the government office must have a written letter explaining the delay in full with a "expect by " date included.

Yet Wisconsin public records are still hurried in some way. The law states that the records must be provided "as soon as possible." While vague, that does imply that legally the records must be delivered at a rapid pace. However, without a specific timeframe, there is no way to know with certainty that you will be receiving the records when you need them.

Although some states have adopted very specific laws regarding the creation and handling of public records, some state records - like Wisconsin public records - are a little bit more relaxed in the wording of the language. Still, even in those relaxed states, keeping to the spirit of the law is considered very important, and there are many avenues that an individual can take if the government is not doing their part in delivering the records on time.

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