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New York Public Records

Information in New York Public Records

Public records are collected by the governments of every state, in accordance with the freedom of information act enacted in 2008. Each state does decide on its own specific laws regarding this information, but most states conform to very general public records policies - if the government creates or collects it, and it's not otherwise a safety issue or an invasion of privacy, the data is immediately made public.

New York public records are commonly accessed, because New York state handles a considerable amount of the country's business, and holds one of the largest populations. Some of the information you can find in these New York public records include:

  • Criminal Records - Most individual criminal history records are made available to the public.
  • Marriage Records - Anyone that is married within the state or divorced will have record.
  • Library Archives - With the exception of the books an individual checks out (which is considered to be private), New York library archives are also considered a part of New York public records.
  • What is and is not a public record is decided by the state, but New York public records are fairly substantial, and contain quite a bit of useful information for those that need to access it.

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