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Illinois Public Records

Where to Find Illinois Public Records

Illinois public records are commonly accessed by those that need information on people, businesses, and the government of Illinois. Governed by the Freedom of Information act, a considerable about of data is collected by state and local county governments that can help you get information on the things you need.

Anything that the government creates or collects will likely become a part of public record, so the amount of information collected in Illinois public records is substantial. Finding that information, however, can be a small hassle if you do not know where to look.

Where Illinois Public Records are Located

The Records Management Section over the Illinois government is in charge of the Illinois State archives. They can direct you to the state or local records management services you need, depending on which group is most likely to have access to your records. You can also search online to see if the information is either:

a) Already made available by the government, or

b) Already accessed and put on a website for easy viewing.

There are no laws about what you can do with Illinois public records once you receive them, so many websites have accessed them already and placed them online to make the process easier. However, if the data isn't already online, you may need to contact the government agency directly.

Free Illinois Public Records