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North Dakota Public Records

Introduction to North Dakota Public Records Law

North Dakota public records are governed by the Open Records Statute. The statute is designed to make nearly all of the information and media ever used within the government to become public record, so that the public can access it at a moment's notice. You can easily find information on the people, businesses, and government in North Dakota. Examples of this information include:

  • Marriage Licenses
  • Divorce Licenses
  • Criminal Histories
  • Business Licenses
  • Government Documents
  • Note that information about the people that live in North Dakota also have information freely released within North Dakota public records. This is because the government receives data from things like tax returns and home ownership, and according to the Freedom of Information Act, that data must be made available for public use unless it is a true violation of privacy.

    However, privacy is a relative term. Things like home addresses may feel private but are not considered private in the public eye. Medical histories, on the other hand, are absolutely private because they cannot be of use to the public. If you are concerned about what information is made available, you can search the North Dakota public records for your own information and find out what has been made available to others.

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