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Virginia Public Records

Understanding The Purpose of Virginia Public Records

Many people don't understand the purpose of public records. The idea behind public records is that the government needs to make almost - if not all - of their actions public for greater accountability. Every document they create, unless it falls under certain restrictions, is considered public. Same with data - all of the data collected by each state needs to be available for public use.

All states have some form of this available. Virginia public records, for example, are the public records for the state of Virginia. Virginia public records are designed to help you keep track of what the government is doing and what the government collects. However, in order to do this the government needs to release everything they can - anything and everything that isn't considered a breach of privacy.

In many cases, that means releasing data on individuals. Things like:

  • Marriage Licenses
  • Addresses
  • Criminal Histories
  • These are all examples of personal information that isn't considered to be a breach of privacy, and so Virginia public records include all of this information, even though the data is about people, not the government. It's the role of the government - and the law across the country - that each state is as open as possible about everything it does. It is for that reason that all states - including Virginia public records - need to release information on its people, because that data is contained in government documents as well.

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