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Indiana Public Records

What Records Are Excluded in Indiana Public Records?

Whenever a state government creates or collects information, that information is considered part of public records. Indiana public records contain almost every document and form of media ever processed or collected by the Indiana state government and releases that data to the public.

That data, however, also includes a considerable amount of information about the people and businesses in Indiana as well. It's the legal obligation of the state government to release any information it receives, and make it a part of Indiana public record. Not all information is released, however, provided that it can be justified as too private or information that could be dangerous to the individual. Examples of this include:

  • Medical Histories - This would be an example of a violation of privacy, as this information is rarely, if ever, relevant to the public.
  • Social Security Numbers - This information is considered a danger to the public, because the release of these numbers can lead to identity theft.
  • School Transcripts - This information is considered a breach of privacy. While overall educational data (such as average GPA at a school) is public record, how an individual did in Physics class in 8th grade is not the public's right to know.
  • You will find a great deal of information on people, the government, and businesses within Indiana public records. Yet there are at least a few things that are kept out of record in order to protect the privacy and safety of the individual. Your rights as a resident should not be violated, and while some of the information that is released may seem private, most of it will not cause you any danger.

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