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Colorado Public Records

What's Inside Colorado Public Records?

There is a lot of information included within a state's public records. Every state decides what is considered a matter of record, but almost all states agree on some very basic principles of government accountability. Colorado public records are similar. They contain most of the same information that other states also place inside their public records. Colorado public records include things like:

  • Criminal Histories - Any criminal histories can become part of public records. The only thing excluded is ongoing criminal investigations and anything that may be dangerous to release.
  • Liquor Licenses - Businesses have to register with the state for a liquor license and those records are available.
  • Government Documents - When the government creates anything, unless it has to do with some type of ongoing decision making process, it becomes a part of Colorado public records.
  • The above list represents just a small sample of the type of information you will find in Colorado public records. There is a substantial amount of data available, not only about the government but about those that live inside of the state as well. If the data was collected by the state, and isn't considered to be too private or too personal, it can become part of Colorado public records.

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