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Kansas Public Records

What Can You Find in Kansas Public Records?

Once the Freedom of Information Act was passed, most states decided on their own rules about what would be included within their public records. Kansas public records conformed to most of the same standards as the rest of the country, including:

  • Government Information - Almost every document and media used within the government is eligible for public records.
  • Business Information - Anything a business registers with the state may be found in Kansas public records.
  • People Information - With the exception of anything that would be a clear breach of privacy, Kansas public records contain much of the information collected about the people living within the state.
  • Kansas public records are not going to include anything too private. For example, you cannot search for a person's social security number, or the secret formula of a business that you like. But you can search for almost every government document and find a great deal of information on the people and businesses in the state of Kansas.

    Kansas public records are substantial databases of information. If you have something you need to find within the state of Kansas, all you have to do is fill out the proper form and the government is required to give it to you within a pre-specified time.

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