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Connecticut Public Records

Do Connecticut Public Records Contain Information on the State's Residents?

Public records themselves are designed to make the government more transparent. At their base, the primary purpose and use of these records is to ensure that the government has accountability, and that they will not perform any activities that cannot be uncovered via a public records search.

However, part of that transparency involves ensuring that nearly all data collected by the government is also made public. People information is collected by the government regularly, so Connecticut public records contain a lot of information about the people that live within the state. Connecticut public records contain:

  • Marriage, Birth, Death and Divorce Certificates - Any certificate that the individual had to fill out with the state is considered a matter of public record.
  • Land Transactions - Connecticut public records contain information on who owns land, and where.
  • Criminal Histories - Anyone that is arrested and charged with a crime has a criminal history that is kept by the government. That data also becomes a part of Connecticut public records.
  • In order to ensure that the state government is being as open as possible, all data needs to be released unless it is considered a breach of privacy. That is why these records contain information on the people living within the state.

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