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How Has Oregon Public Records Law Changed?

When Oregon first announced how it was handling public records in 1973, it took the country by storm. Oregon public records law was far and away one of the most open in the nation, allowing nearly every piece of information created by, collected in, or distributed through the government.

Over time, however, Oregon public records changed. The legislature decided that while they still wanted to be as transparent as possible, they were releasing too much information - including personal information on the public - that was giving people access to data that they may have no right to gain access to. In addition, homeland security felt that Oregon public records contained information that may be abused by terrorists. Indeed, these public records were changed so much that the state of Oregon warns against calling the law the "Freedom of Information Act," because the state has so many different provisions that it differs greatly from federal law.

However, most of the standard information in public records is still in effect. Nearly everything that relates to the government is a matter of public record, as is any and all information that is not a breach of privacy, such as criminal histories. As long as you know what you are looking for beforehand, you should still be able to find the media you are looking for.

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